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mairisch Verlag is an independent publishing house founded in 1999 and located in Hamburg. Whether fiction, non-fiction, audio books, graphic novels or music, mairisch Velag exclusively publishes books, CDs and LPs we really care about.


We publish mostly young writers, pay a lot of attention to proper editorial work, quality design and long term perspectives. To support our authors, we care a lot about press reviews, public readings and literary awards.

Writers like Finn-Ole Heinrich, Benjamin Maack, Michael Weins, Dorian Steinhoff, Stevan Paul, Donata Rigg or Lisa Kreißler have received widespread attention by press, bookstores and readers.


Please don't hesitate to contact us:


mairisch Verlag
Schwenckestr. 68
20255 Hamburg

Tel: 0049 (0)40-6889 6755
Fax: 0049 (0)40-2281 3509

Foreign Rights

Please find detailed information on our titles in English on our Foreign Rights website. Or contact Hannah Zirkler directly:


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Indie Book Day

In 2013, we invented Indie Book Day (or Indiebookday, as we spell it here).

There are a lot of wonderful independent publishers out there, creating great books and putting a lot of passion into it. But many of them are very little known. The Indiebookday can help to create some attention and show the beauty of independent publishing. Here is how it works:


On Indiebookday, visit a local book store and buy a book. Any book you would like to have. All that matters is that it's been published by an independent publisher.
Then post a picture of the book, the cover or yourself with the book (or whatever you like) on a social network (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+) or on your blog, using the Hashtag "#indiebookday". If you like this event, invite others to join in.
The first Indiebookday in 2013 has received widespread attention throughout the german speaking countries. In 2014 and 2015 readers, publishers and bookstores in UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal joined in. And the event is still growing bigger!


The Bookseller on Indie Book Day:



English Website on Indie Book Day: