Line Hoven & Jochen Schmidt

Couple Talks - Together forever

(Paargespräche - Together forever)

88 pages

Release: February 7, 2023


»Line Hoven's illustrations are very expressive. She doesn't draw, she scrapes or scratches the pictures on scratchboard - black and white, clear contours, realistic, imaginative, detailed. And so not only the dialogues of the couples tell stories, but also the pictures next to them.« Anne-Dore Krohn, RBB


»Even celebrity couples haven't always managed to be together in a way that makes you want to emulate them - comforting.«  Susanna Wengeler, book market


Those who love, talk - preferably with one another. This is sometimes difficult, but often also humorous, intelligent and entertaining, especially when there are famous couples talking.


In 25 couple talks Jochen Schmidt and Line Hoven find out what it means to be a couple and still love each other between daycare, taking out the garbage, working from home and shopping. We learn non-violent communication from Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, Jeanne-Claude and Christo show us how best to wrap presents, Moneypenny and James Bond explain why men should also take parental leave and Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi teach us that it doesn't take tennis to find the love of your life.



A very good gift for Valentine's Day, for a wedding - or rather for a divorce?


Absurd and entertaining couple talks by Jochen Schmidt.

Wittly illustrated by Line Hoven.


With 24 famous couples:

Maid Marian & Robin Hood - Yoko Ono & John Lennon - Uschi Obermaier & Mick Jagger - Romina & Al Bano - Engels & Marx - Baktus & Karius - Steffi Graf & André Agassi - Anna & Johann Sebastian Bach - Grimes & Elon Musk - Schiller & Goethe - Terrence Hill & Bud Spencer - Moritz & Max - Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty and many more.


Line Hoven


Line Hoven is a german-american illustrator and author. Her way of working is – one could say – the most dangerous way of drawing: She scratches her motif with a knife into scratchboards. Her graphic novel Liebe schaut weg (Love looks away) has been translated into several languages and has been awarded among other prizes the e.o.plauen sponsorship prize. In 2017 she was honored with the Hans-Meid-Prize for her book illustrations, including some books by Jochen Schmidt: Dudenbrooks (2011), Schmythologie (2013) and the first part of the Couple Talks (2020). Line Hoven lives in Hamburg.


Jochen Schmidt


Jochen Schmidt, born in Berlin in 1970, received the Kassel Literature Prize for Grotesque Humor in 2004. He was a co-founder of the Berlin reading stage Chaussee der Enthusiasten. Published by him are among others the novels Schneckenmühle (2013) and Zuckersand (2017). His last novel Phlox (2022) was longlisted for the German Book Prize. 


Lisa Kreissler

Lisa Kreißler has a degree in theater studies. She worked as a receptionist in a law firm, as a journalist and waitress in Berlin and Stockholm, and studied at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig. In 2014, her debut novel BLITZBIRKE was published, in 2018 DAS VERGESSENE FEST. She received the Nicolas Born Debut Prize for her first novels. In addition to writing, she hosts and curates the literature podcast »Land in Sicht« at NDR Kultur. Lisa Kreißler lives on a farm in Lower Saxony.

Lisa Kreißler
Cries & Whispers

(Schreie und Flüstern)
224 pages | 50,000 words

German edition published August 2021


»I am not a friend of certainties, but there is one thing I want to say to you right now, at the very beginning: No matter what others say, nothing you feel is trivial. The world is full of signs. And you have the gift of reading them.«


Writer Vera and her husband, the painter Claus, live in Leipzig with their son Siggi. But their ideas have stalled in the city. Surprisingly, Claus receives a large sum of money as a gift from his parents. Without further ado, the two decide to buy an old farm in the countryside and renovate it from the ground up. While Claus feels liberated in his new surroundings, Vera misses her friends, the distraction of city life, the noncommittal ease. The village, the countryside, Claus – everything seems to oppose her.
But when Vera becomes pregnant again, not only does a new person grow inside her, in a miraculous way she also connects with nature. Spring, summer, autumn and winter show her the way to reconciliation with her own transience.

With a keen sense of dialogue and detail, Lisa Kreißler‘s new novel CRIES & WHISPERS tells of a reality in flux and of how important it is to trust one‘s own feelings.


Finn-Ole Heinrich

Finn-Ole Heinrich, born in 1982, is one of the most acclaimed young german authors. His short story collection die taschen voll wasser was published by mairisch Verlag in 2005, picking up enthusiastic reactions from readers and critics, as did his following books Räuberhände and Gestern war auch schon ein Tag. His books for children (published at Hanser Verlag and later with us) such as Frerk, du Zwerg or Die erstaunlichen Abenteuer der Maulina Schmitt and Trecker kommt mit, won several prizes for best german children's books.


Finn-Ole Heinrich

The Boy with the Robber's Hands (Räuberhände)



Following his highly praised short story collection Pockets full of water, The Boy with the

Robber’s Hands is Finn-Ole Heinrich’s first novel. The award-winning author

and filmmaker tells the story of Janik and Samuel, whose intense friendship is put to the test

by a dramatic experience. Everything that previously held them together seems to have been

questioned in a matter of minutes.

208 pages (54,350 words)

  • 100,000 copies sold in Germany (Hardcover & Paperback)

  • Rights sold:
    • btb/Random House (Germany) - Paperback edition
    • Klett (Germany) - Paperback school edition
    • Theater rights: Thalia Theater, Hamburg (World Premiere), Theater Hagen, Theater Oberhausen
    • Movie rights sold to Flare Film (Berlin) - Movie in cinemas in 2021!
  • Foreign rights sold:
    • Bulgarian (SONM Publishers)
    • Ukraine (Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva)
Fact Sheet
Info about Author & Book
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Sample Translation English
By Katy Derbyshire
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Sample Translation French
By Anne Durand-Zechner
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Finn-Ole Heinrich

Yesterday was also a day (Gestern war auch schon ein Tag)

Short Stories


Susan is missing a leg. Tom fell down the stairs. And Henning lies until he tells the truth. Finn-Ole Heinrich writes about people who began to sway, who life knocked over with full force. And who have to get up again now. Finn-Ole Heinrich is one of the big talents of Germany's contemporary literature scene. In their honesty, linguistic clarity, sensibility and also in their humour, theses stories leave a long lasting impact on the reader. Storytelling at its best.

160 pages (40,000 words)

  • 10,000 copies sold in Germany (Hardcover & Paperback)
  • Rights sold:
    • btb/Random House (Germany) - Paperback edition
Sample Translation English
"A Time of Jokes", translated by Katy Derbyshire
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Fact Sheet
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Stevan Paul

Stevan Paul, born in 1969, lives in Hamburg. Today, the skilled cook works as a food-stylist and author, he writes culinary texts, columns and travel coverages for magazines and newspapers. His cookbooks are bestsellers. His blog Nutriculinary is one of the most read food-blogs in Germany. |

Stevan Paul

The big Glander (Der große Glander)



In his first novel The big Glander author Stevan Paul tells a tale of how food can become art. But it is also a story about love, coming home and the freedom of being able to always reinvent ourselves. The result is a passionate declaration of love for cooking – and a lot of fun.

288 pages (70,000 words)

5,000 copies sold in Germany



Fact Sheet
Fact_Sheet_Stevan Paul_The great Glander
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Sample Translation
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Stevan Paul

Land of plenty (Schlaraffenland)

A book about the comfort of warm rice pudding, the art of cooking a lentil dish and the imponderables of love.

Short Stories


With profound humor author and cook Stevan Paul tells 15 cooking stories, led by the search for the modern land of plenty. That non-magically place is right behind the changing rooms of a berlin department store, it is located in Sweden's snowy forests, at the beach of the island of Sylt, in the depths of the internet, in the kitchen of a long closed mountain hotel and on the ground of an empty soup plate. And of course there is a matching recipe at the end of every story.

192 pages (41,000 words)

11,000 copies sold in Germany (Hardcover, Paperback, E-Book)

  • Rights sold:
    • Paperback rights sold to: Suhrkamp (Germany)
    • Ivan Limbakh Publishing House (Russia)
Fact Sheet
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Dorian Steinhoff

*1985. He is an author and a mediator of literature. Since 2007 he has been touring with his reading performance through the German-speaking countries. He works with adolescents and young adults in cultural education and organizes literature events. He lives in Cologne.

Dorian Steinhoff

The light of the flames on our faces (Das Licht der Flammen auf unseren Gesichtern)

Short Stories


In seven short stories Dorian Steinhoff examines the question on how we actually control our life. He gives his caracters a harsh, direct tone and manages at the same time to let them appear tender and vulnerable in all their defeats and shortcomings. He succeeds in illuminating them in a very special way.

168 pages (54,000 words)

  • Rights sold:
    • Paperback rights sold to: Droemer (Germany)
    • Foreign rights sold to: Poeteka (Albania)
Fact Sheet
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Sample Translation English
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Sample Translation Spanish
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Stefan Beuse

He worked as a copywriter, photographer and journalist. He is also an award winning novelist who published, among others: Kometen (Kiepenheuer und Witsch), Die Nacht der Könige (Piper), Meeres Stille (Piper), Alles was du siehst (C. H. Beck). He was poet in residence at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Two of his novels have been turned into movies and received international awards.

Stefan Beuse

The Book of Wonders (Das Buch der Wunder)



Penny and Tom are siblings, but quite different. Penny trusts in life and believes in miracles, whereas Tom always needs scientific explanations for everything. But as more and more unexplainable things happen, he has to develop his own sense of truth. He realizes that the membrane between visible and invisible world has become permeable.


Twelve years later: Tom is successfully working in an advertising agency, when suddenly strange events occur: An old police file is reopened, a mysterious girl knows a lot more than she should, and someone seems to follow Tom. It's in this situation when Tom remembers "The book of wonders", his sister's legacy, which which sends him on a journey on which nothing is sure - and Tom has to face his true self.


A gripping and poetic novel about the biggest of all quests: The search for ourselves.


224 pages (40,000 words)


Fact Sheet
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Sample Translation English
Translated by Jennifer Calleja
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Michael Weins

*1971. He is a writer and psychologist based in Hamburg. He has published severeal highly acclaimed novels and two collections of short stories. In a touching epilogue Michael Weins tells the reader how much of Golden Rider is real and part of his own childhood.

Michael Weins

Golden Rider (Goldener Reiter)



What happens when a single mother seriously loses her nerves and is finally committed to a psychiatry clinic? Jonas Fink, her son, loses all protection a child usually can take for granted. He tries to pretend that everything is normal. Because everything that happens is normal, at least for him. Michael Weins succeeds impressively in captivating Jonas' year of change in powerful images and stylistic decisiveness.

208 pages (52,000 words)



Fact Sheet
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