Saša Stanišić & Katja Spitzer

Saša Stanišić

Saša Stanišić was born 1978 in Višegrad (Yugoslawia) geboren; since 1992 he is living in Germany. His short stories and novels (Vor dem Fest, Herkunft a.o.) have been translated into more than 30 languages and he received countless awards, most notably the German Book Prize in 2019.
Currently, he lives in Hamburg - and so does his son Nikolai, who helped him a lot with this book.

(Foto: Katja Saemann)
(Foto: Katja Saemann)

Katja Spitzer

Katja Spitzer studied art history and history in Halle and illustration in Leipzig and in Luzern (Switzerland). Today she lives in Berlin, creating illustrations for books and teaching children and adults how to draw.

(Foto: Constanze Guhr)
(Foto: Constanze Guhr)

"Hey, hey, hey, Taxi!"

First children's book by award winning writer Saša Stanišić!

Illustrations by Katja Spitzer


For a child, a taxi is a magic vehicle. A four-wheeled witches' broom. As you enter it, a taxi can bring you anywhere you want to.
But what if it's magic was even bigger? What if taxis would allure stories, fantastic and absurd stories, funny stories full of people and animals and giants and a pirate captain with four pirate captain hats? What if taxis were gateways for the fantasy of children?


This is exactly that kind of book: A book, in which a certain someone enters a taxi and with it a strange world, one of a kind. These journeys lead in all directions, to a place next door as well as through time and space. But in the end they always lead back home - back to the child.

Saša Stanišić wrote his first children's book – together with his son! Together they came up with the wildest, craziest, sparkliest adventures one can encounter in a taxi.
With a passion for detail, illustrator Katja Spitzer brought those ideas and it's creatures to life.


Big fun - and almost to exciting to be bedtime stories!

  • For children age 4+
  • Hardcover, 96 pages, size: 21 x 27 cm
  • German edition out in March 2021
  • Already more than 22,000 copies sold!
  • Rights sold:
    • Paperback btb/Random House (Germany)
    • ITALIAN (Terre di Mezzo)
    • SPANISH (Takatuka)
    • KATALAN (Takatuka)

Finn-Ole Heinrich & Dita Zipfel

Finn-Ole Heinrich, born in 1982, is one of the most acclaimed young german authors. His short story collection die taschen voll wasser was published by mairisch Verlag in 2005, picking up enthusiastic reactions from readers and critics, as did his following books Räuberhände and Gestern war auch schon ein Tag. His books for children (published at Hanser Verlag and later with us) such as Frerk, du Zwerg or Die erstaunlichen Abenteuer der Maulina Schmitt and Trecker kommt mit, won several prizes for best german children's books.

Dita Zipfel, born 1981, is a writer of illustrated childrens books, theater plays, screenplays and novels. She was just awarded with the German Youth Literature Award 2020 and the Korbinian – Paul Maar-Preis 2020.



Finn-Ole Heinrich & Dita Zipfel

Illustrations by Tine Schulz

Sleeping like Turnips (Schlafen wie die Rüben)

Children's book (age 4+)

32 pages, size: 19,6 x 26 cm

Sales: 4,000+ copies


Come an enter the Turnip's cave, where the Turnip family every night tries to kip, doze off, slide into beddybies. But before they can sleep, there is a hundred little things to be taken care of - and all of which are not supposed to be mixed up! So it's kind of a crazy adventure before everyone can finally be off to la-la land.
Finn-Ole Heinrich and Dita Zipfel (both winners of the German Youth Literature Award in 2014 respectively 2020) wrote a funny lullaby-poem, that is at first all mixed up and needs some good shaking to finally calm down.

Amazing illustrations from Tine Schulz.



Finn-Ole Heinrich & Dita Zipfel

Illustrations by Halina Kirschner

Tractor's Coming Too (Trecker kommt mit)

Children's book (age 3+)

32 pages

Sales: 4,000+ copies


"There are about a thousand things for Tractor to do in the city. At least a thousand."

What are you saying? The tractor is not supposed to come along? I can hardly understand why we will be moving from the countryside into the city, but okay, if you wish to do so ... But I really cannot see why the tractor should not come along. You might not know, but there are so many things to do for a tractor in town. It can help when we go shopping and you need more than the usual for example. Or when there is a traffic jam on the motorway, the tractor can easily make way, which will be much better than to wait behind other small cars. I tell you: Either the tractor's coming too or I stay!

Finn-Ole Heinrich and Dita Zipfel have written an anarchic, wild and fearless book for children. Even grown-ups will ask themselves after reading the book how they could survive without a tractor up to now. The book has been illustrated by newcomer Halina Kirschner from Leipzig who is a genius when it comes to screen-print-optic.

  • Foreign rights sold:
    • ENGLISH UK & Ireland (Little Island)
    • SPANISH (Takatuka)
    • KATALAN (Takatuka)
    • DANISH (Damgaard)
    • FRENCH / North America (Comme des géants)
    • KOREAN (BookGoodCome)

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Käptn Peng & Melanie Garanin

Käptn Peng (Text) & Melanie Garanin (Illustration)
The Hawk and the Rooster
(Der Habicht und der Hahn)
Illustrated children‘s book
Age 4+
32 pages | full colour
19,6 x 26 cm
Published in Germany in September 2021


Waaaaahh?! Big commotion in the henhouse! A hawk! Danger! And what does the rooster do? He is helping the bird of prey friendly out of the hatch and looks after him dreamily?
Well, what‘s going on here? The hawk and the rooster are actually enemies by nature, everyone knows that.
 Yes, normally they are – but the two have discovered that they really like each other. And maybe even a little bit more.

With »Der Habicht und der Hahn« (»The Hawk and the Rooster«), Käptn Peng has written one of the best children‘s songs ever: clever, witty, concise, rhythmic, beautiful, catchy and sophisticated. Illustrator Melanie Garanin now has turned the song into an enchanting picture book in which even young children can discover that not everything always has to go according to the old rules. And everyone is allowed to like, love and be what he or she wants.

An encouragement to accept your feelings. Proof that beautiful things can be created together. And an appeal to the unconditional truth of love.


Robert Gwisdek aka Käptn Peng


Robert Gwisdek is a German actor, musician and book author. As a musician, he is known under the stage name Käptn Peng and is the singer and lyricist of the alternative hip-hop band Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel von Delphi. His novel Der unsichtbare Apfel (The Invisible Apple) was published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch.



Melanie Garanin


Melanie Garanin studied animation in Potsdam-Babelsberg and has illustrated many children‘s and youth books for many different publishers. Melanie Garanin lives with her family and a bunch of animals near Berlin. There have never been hawks in her chicken coop. But crazy lovers have indeed.

Finn-Ole Heinrich & Ràn Flygenring

Finn-Ole Heinrich (Text) & Rán Flygenring (Illustration)
The Journey to the Center of the Forest
(Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt des Waldes)

Age 8+ and for adults

184 pages with a lot of illustrations and tutorials

»You haven’t been here, peanut. You don’t know what that means: Forest. You know nothing, but I’m gonna show you everything.«

Imagine a forest. Without beginning, without end. Imagine lakes, rocks, valleys, gorges. Imagine the wildest animals. Imagine a sea of trees, a continent of wood and green. Imagine the maximum forest. And now imagine in all this the Robber. Yes, the Robber. The only real expert for the rough life, for survival. Outside, without anything, against everyone, all on his own.
There are things in life you can never be prepared for. Being a father for example. What does it take to be a good father? Where do you learn that, being a father? These questions are raised by the narrator in »The Journey to the Center of the Forest«. To find answers, he sets off one night on his way into a huge, mystical forest. This is where the legendary Robber is supposed to live. With him the narrator wants to complete the perhaps most important training – not in looting people, of course, but in how to become a father who knows how to protect his child in any situation. And yes, he is successful, he finds the Robber, or rather, the Robber finds him. The adventure begins ...

Illustrator Rán Flygenring, who has worked with Finn-Ole Heinrich several times and received numerous awards, completes this text with her wonderful, dreamy forest illustrations and various help­ful tutorials. The result is an homage to the force of the forest. And it is a loving letter to your own child, telling one of the last great adventures in a »world without adventures«.


  • Rights sold:
    • Paperback btb/Random House (Germany)
    • CHINESE (21st Century Publishing Group)

Carolin Löbbert


Carolin Löbbert graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, majoring in Illustration and Graphic Design. Since then, she has presented her work in several group and solo shows – in Tokyo, Antwerp and Berlin among others – and published it in magazines and anthologies. As freelance illustrator, artist and graphic designer she is working with international agencies and brands. 

Carolin Löbbert

Illustrations by Carolin Löbbert

I walked over a rainbow (Ich war spazieren auf 'nem Regenbogen - wahr oder gelogen?)

Children's book (age 4+)


Can you pick rain drops from trees? Are cowboys riding on flowers? Can snowmen survive the summer time? And is it toothpaste which comes out of the blue and white tube - or is it a greedy caterpillar? 


Illustrator and writer Carolin Löbbert has created a special book with riddles for young children: For every riddle, there are four pages. On the first spread, you see a person or an animal doing something, accompanied by a little poem asking a question. On the second spread, there are two possible solutions to the question. 


In her humorous pictures Carolin Löbbert asks the reader what‘s true and what‘s a lie. She invites us to wonder, aks questions, get weird ideas and laugh. 


80 pages



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